Friday Night Lights - Connie Britton

Light eyes and heart full, not to be missed ... at the box office!

TV cult hit "Friday Night Lights" goes to the big screen for a second time, confirms the series star Connie Britton.

"It is happening realsies" Britton, 44 - who won an Emmy nomination for her role as Tami Taylor - Us Weekly.

From the NBC drama executive / producer Peter Berg DirecTV announced plans to adapt the series in August, Britton says the pieces are falling into place quickly.

"Pete is totally excited about it and I know that Jason Katims is talking about writing a screenplay. I think it's really a matter of getting busy schedules ... all lined up and make it happen," said Britton. "It kind of feels like there's a lot of commitment to it."

Although currently shooting tied Ryan Murphy "American Horror Story" of FX, Britton says he will do everything possible to take Tami to the big screen. "For my part, I will do my part to try to push it," says the film is possible, which will continue in 2004 Billy Bob Thornton movie of the same name.

"It's very funny to listen to [the fans], 'You think I'm going to do a film version of Friday Night Lights? And in the back of my mind I'm like,' Do you realize that there is already a movie about this? ' "He says. "I was actually on that one too! '"